Hanhart - Black Falcon PRIMUS Race Winner

Hanhart - Black Falcon PRIMUS Race Winner
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Producent: Hanhart
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The new limited edition — created by Black Falcon, the young motorsports company currently celebrating both national and international success, and the luxury watch manufacturer Hanhart. For racecar drivers, adrenaline junkies, car lovers, or the modern man with a need for speed. The fusion of Black Falcon’s progressive design and technology with Hanhart’s more than 130 years of tradition offer unmistakable sportiness and maximum wearing comfort. The Black Falcon PRIMUS Race Winner is a very special chronograph, dedicated to the Black Falcon team’s many first-place victories in international motorsports.

Black Falcon, founded in 2006, is one of the most successful teams worldwide in car racing tours, with over 160 racing victories and championships in the last few years alone. Whether at the 24-hour race at the Nurburgring or in Dubai, at the Porsche Carrera Cup, at the long-distance championship at the Nurburgring or on other international race tracks, the series of victories achieved by the company during its 12 years of existence is unparalleled. This success has very little to do with luck. The reliability of the racecars, the expertise, the tireless devotion of the many mechanics and the precision of the built-in equipment form the backbone of Black Falcon’s success story. To learn more, please visit

The Black Falcon PRIMUS Race Winner is a watch with a limited production of 111 pieces. Since its formation, each watch has stood as a symbol of victory for the Black Falcon Team.

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